Our Vision

The Vision for TWCC was birthed from the burdens of my heart and the heart of God.

The 3 Major burdens of my heart:

#1 The Lost

#2 Discipleship

#3 Diversity

A Barna Study of 2016 showed that:

  1. 69% of Americans would be in the category of non-Christian or non-practicing Christians 
  2. Christians do not live much differently than non-Christians. 
  3. Churches in America are 10 times more ethnically segregated than their neighborhoods and 20 times more ethnically segregated than their schools.

More diverse churches are needed!

The heart of The Way City Church is to be a mission based, racially and economically diverse, multi-generational church that loves God passionately and has a zeal for the spiritual development of people. (Matthew 28:18-20). 


The vision for TWCC is to reach the lost and to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11,12). We reach the saints & the lost by being relevant to our generation. We are open to become all things to all people, only without the compromise of the Word of God (1Cor 9:22). We desire to be a mission based, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-generational, economically diverse church.

Our vision is simple:  GED - We Grow! We Evangelize! We Disciple!

◦ We grow through the study of the Word & worship

◦ We evangelize by pursuing the lost & sharing our story, which leads to His story

◦ We disciple by building relationships & sharing our lives (1Thessalonians 2:8- so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well).

* A part of our vision is to reproduce and plant more churches, the first one being within the next 5 years of our church plant.