Our City

Woodbridge, Virginia

Woodbridge is located within Prince William County. The county has 463,023 residents and is the second largest county in the state of Virginia. The county increased by 43% from the year 2000 to 2010.

Prince William County’s racially and ethnically diverse population makes it one of the most globally represented communities in the region. According to the national daily newspaper, USA Today, “Prince William County is at the leading edge of a diversity explosion that is currently sweeping the USA.” 

Woodbridge has two very unique sides to its makeup:

It is a warm and friendly community located just 20-miles south of Washington D.C., and nestled between the Potomac and Occoquan rivers, there are approximately 54,725 residents that call Woodbridge home.

The Major Racial Demographics fall into 4 categories:

• 55% White

• 23% Black

• 13% Hispanic

• 10% Asian

Woodbridge also has a high percentage, 23.85%, of its population that was born in another country, like myself.

17,796 households

$106,636 is the median household income

Woodbridge hosts six public high schools plus ten middle and elementary schools. Woodbridge also has a college campus, Northern Virginia Community College.

New home construction is the result of new residents moving in who are middle class or wealthier, attracted by jobs, a healthy local economy, or other amenities as they leave nearby or far away areas for greener pastures.

*Also of interest is that Woodbridge has more people living here who work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the US.

The other side of Woodbridge:

Tent city

Since 2003, there exists a 10 acre tent city in Woodbridge. It is tolerated by a private landlord. However, in 2018, some of the tent city residents were forced to leave.

7.8% of individuals here live below the poverty line


* If I could dream of a city to plant a church in it would be in a city just like Woodbridge. This city's diversity includes; rich and poor, educated and non educated, and different ethnic and racial makeups. This is the kind of city that I grew up in and one that I am extremely familiar with. By the Grace of God, I feel very comfortable and prepared to reach the City of Woodbridge.